CAP Board of Officers


CAP Higher Ed Board Members


Chair:  Davis Berryman, Dean, College of Professional & Graduate Studies, Southern Nazarene University

Vice Chair:  Anne A. Ghost Bear, Director, Southern Nazarene University-Tulsa

Secretary:  Vincent C. Porter, Dean, School of Extended Studies, University of the Incarnate Word

Treasurer:  (Oversight duties assumed by Tom Castle, former CAP Chair)

Research Officer:  Royce Ann Collins, Associate Professor – Adult Education, Educational Leadership Department, Kansas State University

Awards Officer:  (Oversight duties assumed by Dawn Spaar, former CAP Chair)

Membership Officer:  Kevin Ezzell, Director, Accelerated Degree Programs, Albright College

Partnership Development Officer: Tammy Shelton, Client Service Manager and Faculty Development Coordinator, Capital Education (Two consecutive terms as Board Chair)

Member-at-Large, Consulting Services Committee Chair: Trey Mireles, Full Time Faculty (Psychology) and Faculty for Accelerated Teaching Methods Course, Madison College

Member-at-Large, Webinar Committee Chair:            Tamara Dawson, Associate Professor in the College of Professional and Graduate Studies and the School of Business, Southern Nazarene University

Member-at-Large, Sponsorship Committee Chair:  Nate McCoy, Assistant Director, ABE Program/Assistant Registrar, Lincoln College

Member-at-Large, Partnership Committee Member: Joni K. Allison, Adult Student Services Coordinator, Columbia State Community College

Member-at-Large, Conference Committee Member: Marcie Van Note, Interim MBA Director, Graduate Programs, Mount Mercy University


Affiliate Organization Liaisons

CAEL: Diana Bamford-Rees, Associate Vice President of Higher Education

Regis University: Elisa Robyn, Academic Dean, College of Contemporary Liberal Studies

Ex-officio Past Chairs

Audrey Ashton-Savage, Principal Lecturer, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire

Tom Castle, Associate Provost, Mount Mercy University (Two consecutive terms as Board Chair)

Patricia Ellis, Retired Special Assistant to the Dean, School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Stevenson University

Dawn Spaar, Director, Adult and Professional Studies, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Past Chair/s/, Current Slated Board Member/s/

Royce Ann Collins, Associate Professor – Adult Education, Educational Leadership Department, Kansas State University (Two consecutive terms as Board Chair)

CAP Director, Non-Voting:  Jeannie McCarron, College of Contemporary Liberal Studies, Regis University