CAP Faculty Development Series in Accelerated Programs

CAP will be launching a new publication series in 2017!

Faculty Development Series in Accelerated Programs

This publication resource will provide the latest research and best practices in Faculty Development in Accelerated Programs, and will correspond with CAP’s new Faculty Certification Course that will train and certify the best faculty for adult learners.

CAP will offer the first official certification course at this year’s CAP Conference on July 18th!  Don’t miss this opportunity to participate – or to send your finest faculty to this incredible training. The course will be based on the CAP Quality Standards, which was developed with guidance from accrediting bodies and the CAP Board of Officers.

For information about the 2017 CAP Conference, including registration information, please visit the 2017 CAP Conference Registration Site HERE.

For questions about the conference, the Faculty Development Series, or if you would like information on how CAP can bring its Faculty Development Certification Course to your campus, please contact Jeannie McCarron at (303)964-5253 or