Consulting Services

CAP Areas of Expertise:

  • CAP Quality Standards Program Review (Visit HERE for additional details)
  • Faculty Development Certification in Accelerated Programs (Visit HERE for additional details)
  • Accelerated Programs 101/Understanding Accelerated Learning: The Whys and Hows
  • An Introduction to the CAP Standards for Accelerated Programs, and the Definition of the Credit Hour in Accelerated Programs

CAP Consulting Services

Faculty Development Workshop Topics Can Include:

  • The Efficacy of Accelerated Programming: What the Research Tells Us
  • Traditional vs. Accelerated: How to Prepare Faculty to Teach in Both Formats
  • Learning Outcomes Assessment in Accelerated Programs: Models and Best Practices
  • Basics of Accelerated Education (Understanding the Model)
  • Transitioning a Classroom-based Program to an Online Accelerated Program
  • How to Develop Online Courses for Accelerated Programs
  • Best Practices in Accelerated Hybrid Courses and Programs
  • Grading Using Rubrics
  • Innovative Facilitation Techniques and Practical Exercises
  • Integrating Diversity into the Classroom
  • Student Learning Styles
  • Using Cases Effectively
  • Developing Modules for Accelerated Courses
  • Teaching Millenials
  • Successful Faculty Orientation Practices
  • Continuous Faculty Professional Development

Program Administrators/Leadership Workshop Topics Can Include:

  • Generating Enthusiasm and Faculty ‘Buy In’ for Your Accelerated Program
  • Hiring the Best Faculty for Accelerated Programs
  • Compensating Faculty in Accelerated Programs
  • Marketing/Recruiting Students for Accelerated Programs
  • Best Practices in Retention in Accelerated Programs
  • Module Development
  • Pricing Models for Accelerated Programs
  • Curriculum Development for Accelerated Programs
  • Training for Academic Advisors in Accelerated Programs
  • Selecting Off-Campus Locations for Accelerated Programs
  • Implementing Corporate Training Programs
  • Programmatic Changes and Enrollment Strategies to Increase Your Numbers

For questions, or to collaborate on a customized option for your institution, please contact Jeannie McCarron at 303-964-5253 or